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Any establishment primarily engaged in printing by any or all processes, including but not limited to letterpress, offset, lithography, gravure, screen process, flexography, thermography, steel die and copper plate engraving; any company producing composition by any process; any bindery; any photo-engraver, any platemaker eligible for membership for the association.
Fee Schedule


  1. Supplier Firms: Any firm engaged in the manufacture, sale, distribution or service of equipment, machinery, raw materials, or supplies used by the printing industries.
    Agencies: Firms engaged in the production of advertising, art work, specialty mailing and the like.
    Collateral: Firms which have a service or collateral interest in the industry (such as consulting firms, auditors, banks, waste dealers, etc.)
    Monthly Membership Dues: $50
  2. Institutions: Schools, colleges, boards, agencies and organizations with interest in, and concerns with the printing and support industries
    Monthly Membership Dues: $100
  3. Non-Printing Firms: Establishments whose principal business is other than commercial printing but have private printing departments
    Monthly Membership Dues:
    Up to 17 employees: $50
    $2 for each additional employee (maximum $365)

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